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Milk-Color Conditioner for Stainless Steel

SUS-MWC makes a milk-color film on stainless steel surface(304) by chemical treatment; the coated film is like a fine pearl coating and makes sure the applied surface would be good-touching, beautiful and even elegant after the treatment.

1. Features
1) Unlike the existing surfaces from normal oxidization treatments, it makes a specific surface.
2) It diversifies a product applied, as coated replacements.
3) Heavy metal-free & non-chromic acid product.
4) Due to little etching, it has a longer lifespan of the surface treatment.

2. Procedure
Degreasing washing SUS-MWC treatment washing passivation
washing drying

3. Directions
1) Restoration Liquid: using crude liquid
2) Application temp.: 70°c ~ 80°c
3) Application duration: 3 ~ 5 minutes
4) Replenishment: replenish it as much as stained

4. Treatment Facility
1) Treatment container's material: lead tank, glass-lining, fluorocarbon resin
2) Ventilation: partial ventilation

5. Applicable Material(s) : SUS-304

6. Characteristic Status: Amber-color strong acid liquid

Cautions: : because of its acid properties, do not contact the product with your skin and please keep the safety rules whenever handling it.